--ALIMA - Soudan--


ALIMA is planning to set up a new mission in Sudan. Being a new country of intervention, ALIMA is looking for a new coordination team to guarantee the implementation of a new project as well as all administrative and logistical requirements to establish ALIMA in the country. The coordination team, among which the Head of Mission, will be based in Khartoum with several movements to the field in order to support the project team and ensure a smooth beginning of operations on the ground. In addition to this support, the coordination will be responsible to analyse and propose new operations, create the legal and administrative framework, the relation with Federal authorities and partners (UN, INGOs, NGOs, Donors) in the country.


Level 3: As part of his/her duties, the incumbent will visit programs and come into contact with children and/or vulnerable adults. Therefore, a criminal record check or a certificate of good character will be required. In situations where a criminal record or character reference is not available, a statement of good character will be required. 


Mission Location: Sudan, Khartoum

Management lines:

       ●         LINE MANAGER:  Head of Mission

         TECHNICAL MANAGER: Medical Desk Referent based in Dakar


        Is the referent for the project's medical officer(s) 

        Collaborates with field project coordinators, coordination team, and other staff


The medical coordinator must define the objectives and technical orientations of the mission, propose strategies consistent with the medical and humanitarian needs of the areas of intervention and provide technical support to all the mission's medical teams.

He/she will have to take part in exploration in new areas and support the HOM in the development of the mission.

1.       Analyses, defines and adjusts the medical objectives of the ALIMA projects in the country of mission

a.       Data collection

        Ensures that the ALIMA data collection tools are correctly used on the mission

        Is responsible for the completeness of medical data throughout the mission

        Accompany the medical referent in the choice of data to be collected according to the project(s)

        He/she monitors the mortality rate and suggests solutions for improving quality indicators

        Contributes to the quantitative evaluation of local health resources (HR, structures, equipment, etc.) and qualitative evaluation (maintenance, actors' skills, protocols and organisation).

        Contributes to the collection of indicators for monitoring the state of health of the population with partner organisations and the authorities, depending on the context

        He/she documents the side effects of treatments and transfusion accidents. He/she discusses with the health care teams of each project and with the Medical Referent Desk.

b.      Analyses, interprets and defines the medical-operational strategy of the mission

     With the support of the medical referents, interprets the data collected and describes the evolution of the phenomenon(s) affecting the population, the health status of the population and the performance of the care activities under the responsibility of ALIMA.

       Coordinates the preparation of objective-oriented reports and medical indicators.

       Proposes to the CoM and the Medical Desk Officer the adaptation of means and strategies to improve the ALIMA response in existing projects

       Analyses and interprets the data to reorientate the project(s) after validation by the med desk and/or the CDM

   Contributes to the elaboration of project proposals and budgets with the coordination team by identifying the medical means necessary for the implementation of projects

  1. Implementation of ALIMA programmes

    1. Contributes to the organisation of medical projects

        Is familiar with all the medical projects of the mission, makes proposals for improvement

        Provides technical support, expertise and protection to all health programmes, calling on the medical desk officer if necessary

        Is proactive in meeting the needs of projects and field teams for material and human resources

        Know where to look for missing information and knowledge

        Controls the implementation, proper use and maintenance of diagnostic, clinical and therapeutic tools necessary for the care of patients.

    1. Participates in the pharma management of project


        In the absence of the pharma coordinator, supports the monitoring of consumption and the management of the project pharmacy.

        Appropriates the Isystock software                                     

        Validates the distribution circuit of medicines                                 

        Initiate the revision and updating of the standard country drug list

        Analyse and validate consumption reports and make recommendations                                              

        Strategic decision making/guidance (donation, loan, borrowing)                                                                                      

        Plans and validates drug orders/purchases                       

        Ensures that sourcing is respected during local procurement                                                                                            

        Participates in the validation and quality control of local purchases                                                                                                    

        Ensures the regularity of quarterly inventories and co-signs the central pharmacy inventories

        Environmental responsibility                                                

        Ensures compliance with good storage practices for medicines and narcotics                              

c.       Monitoring and evaluation of projects

        He/she evaluates the quality of the services offered in the referral facilities.

    He/she ensures that medical ethics are respected and listens to any questions about restrictions and limits to the practice of care in the project environment (including abuse and medical errors)

        He/she assesses risks to staff, patients and carers.

        Ensuring that protective measures for staff and patients are followed

  1. Representation and communication

·     Participates in coordination meetings and core meetings as requested by the project coordinators

·     Represents the association to third parties on medical issues, ensuring the good public image of the organisation and respecting the interests of the mission. In this capacity, he/she describes the projects and argues the choices

    If necessary, in the event of differences of opinion on medical diagnostic or therapeutic practices between the medical authorities and the ALIMA teams, he/she reports the case to the CoM and makes proposals.

    Maintain regular contacts with local institutions and authorities, other NGOs in the country, for a better coordination of the deployment of health projects (and programmes) - participate in clusters and technical meetings

  1. Capacity building and team building

        Able to identify and support the replacements of tomorrow

        Proposes training courses

     Ensures that the skills of the medical staff are updated according to the evolution of the technical platform and the protocols made available to the mission

        Set up a medical department for coordination if necessary with the recruitment, training and reinforcement of the skills of a national team

     Define and update the job profiles and performance objective plans of the members of his/her team and participate in the same documents for the medical referents and nursing managers

        Carrying out team reviews in a career path approach

        Make training and job changes possible for all medical staff in the mission

        Propose and anticipate secondments to other ALIMA missions

        Identify the skills that team members need to acquire in order to master their posts and organise training to strengthen them

  1. Team health

        Develops the staff health policy for the country

        Participates in the analysis of psychosocial risks including

        Validates with the project coordinators the methods of application of the staff health policy (organisation, necessary resources, protocols, SOP, etc.)   proposed by the medical referents

        Ensures the quality of care provided within the framework of the health staff (internalised or externalised)

        Ensures that the medical confidentiality of the care provided is respected

        Ensures that policies for the prevention of professional illnesses are effective (vaccination, medical certificates, medical follow-up on specific projects,   contraindications to certain activities, etc.)

        Ensures that preventive measures are applied in the event of accidents and that staff are properly taken care of in the event of an accident.

        Is in charge of briefings (including the filling in of "health sheets") and debriefings (including mental health) of all expatriates and seconded staff

        Identifies and evaluates available health referral structures (including mental health)

        Informs the desk doctor in case of medical or psychological emergency and in case of need for health assessment

        Informs insurance in case of need for medical evacuation

        Implements the staff health policy in the capital

        Define and ensure the availability of emergency kits and other inputs related to staff health

        Organise the health follow-up of the staff referred from the field

        Ensures coordination in case of medical evacuation

  1. Implementation of prevention measures against abuse of power, gender-based and sexual violence


        Participates in training and awareness-raising sessions

        Implements abuse prevention standards

        Ensures that team members follow training and awareness sessions and apply abuse prevention rules

        Contributes to creating and maintaining a nurturing and protective environment

             At the request of his/her hierarchy, he/she may be required to perform tasks not listed in this job profile.



   Doctor or nurse with a Master's degree in public health, project   management, epidemiology...)


        3 years’ experience in a similar position with a medical INGO

        Experience in Performance Based Financing

        Experience in preparing donor proposals and reports


       Monitoring and evaluation

       Database management in Excel

       Strategic vision


       Surveys (SMART, CAP...)

       IT (Word, PowerPoint, advanced Excel)

Languages spoken by the candidate

        A good command of oral and written English is essential;

         French is an asset.

        Arabic is an asset


Contract term:

     ●       Contract term: contract under French law, contract length: 12 months (renewable, based on   funding availability and performance)
     ●        Position to be filled: autumn 2021

Salary:  depending on experience + per diem

ALIMA pays for:

●   travel costs between the expatriate’s country of origin and the    mission location

●      accommodation costs

●     medical cover from the first day of the contract to a month after the date of departure from the mission country for the employee

●     evacuation of the employee 


                                                To apply, please send your CV and your answers to our job page before 10th of October 2021

Applications are processed in the order of arrival and we reserve the right to close the offer before the term initially indicated if a good application is successful. Only full applications will be taken into account. Only accepted applications will be contacted.

Female candidates are strongly encouraged to apply.