--ALIMA - Soudan--


ALIMA is planning to set up a new mission in Sudan. Being a new country of intervention, ALIMA is looking for a new coordination team to guarantee the implementation of a new project as well as all administrative and logistical requirements to establish ALIMA in the country. The coordination team, among which the Head of Mission, will be based in Khartoum with several movements to the field in order to support the project team and ensure a smooth beginning of operations on the ground. In addition to this support, the coordination will be responsible to analyse and propose new operations, create the legal and administrative framework, the relation with Federal authorities and partners (UN, INGOs, NGOs, Donors) in the country.


Level 3: As part of his/her duties, the incumbent will visit programs and come into contact with children and/or vulnerable adults. Therefore, a criminal record check or a certificate of good character will be required. In situations where a criminal record or character reference is not available, a statement of good character will be required. 


Mission Location: Sudan, Khartoum

Management lines:

   ●   LINE MANAGER:  Desk Programs Manager based in Dakar


      o He/she supervises all the project coordinators and the coordinators of the support departments

      o He/she works closely with the authorities and NGO partners.

      o He/she creates links with other national and international NGOs, United Nations

         agencies and state and non-state organization


  ●   Under the authority of the Head of Emergency department based in Dakar, you will be responsible for implementing the Country                              operational  strategy validated by the desk, the management and the Board of Directors.

  ●    In close collaboration with the NGO partners, with the objective of guaranteeing the quality of the programs and strengthening the NGO                 partners, you will have to: launch initiatives, define the objectives of each department and give the means to the coordinator to achieve                 them. You will plan, organize and coordinate all activities of the mission and find solutions when necessary.

1.       Analysis and strategic planning

  ●     Analyze the humanitarian, political, economic and social context of the country;

  ●     Anticipate the evolution of the humanitarian context and define scenarios in order to ensure the preparation of teams for emergencies;

  ●     Coordinate with each department (logistics, medical, HR, finance) to develop the country contingency plan (EPREP);

  ●     With the support of the medical coordinator and the project teams, identify and analyze the humanitarian and medical needs requiring an             intervention of  ALIMA (exploratory missions, analysis of field data);

  ●     Based on the needs analysis and the contributions of other coordinators, propose a relevant operational strategy (operational objectives,                operational setup, means, timeline...);

  ●     Coordinate the definition of an overall strategic framework for the mission, in the medium/long term (3 years) based on humanitarian                     and medical needs,  internal capacities and identified opportunities;

  ●     Responsible for drafting the mission's annual action plan;

  ●     Coordinate the annual operational review exercises (mini MAP and MAP) and ensure their presentation to the headquarters teams;

 2.       Representation and Partnership:

  ●     Meet regularly with humanitarian aid actors, particularly in the health/nutrition and emergency sectors, to ensure proper coordination of              actions in the   field and pooling of resources. Participate in sectoral and inter-sectoral coordination meetings and convey ALIMA's                           position and strategic vision;

  ●     Maintain close relations and regular exchanges with the administrative and health authorities at the national level (signature and respect                of the MoU with the Ministry of Health, registration in the country, activity report, ethics committee...);

  ●      Identify, develop and maintain a network of collaborators (NGOs, donors, embassies, national authorities, universities, scientific research               actors, media, civil society ....);

  ●      Organize and lead the partnership within the mission: identify potential partners, support partners, evaluate partnerships;

  ●      Supervise the proper conduct of technical and financial partner visits to projects (donor visits, etc.) in collaboration with the relevant                       coordinators;

  ●      Define advocacy issues, in collaboration with the Desk Manager, the Medical Desk Referent, and bring them to the attention of identified               stakeholders;

  ●      Intervene in clusters and national technical meetings to feed and influence the definition of humanitarian/medical needs and operational               priorities. Advocate at the national level to ensure that humanitarian and medical needs identified by ALIMA are taken into account in                      country action plans (e.g. HNO, HRP).

3.      Search for funding and donor relations

  ●      Identify potential new donors and funding opportunities at the mission level;

  ●      Maintain regular links with donors in the country of intervention;

  ●      Responsible for writing responses to calls for projects;

  ●      Responsible for the validation and submission of interim and final reports, with the support of the desk team.

4.       Implementation, monitoring, evaluation of activities

  ●     Capitalization of information necessary for a possible advocacy/communication;

  ●     Ensures, with the technical expertise of the medical coordinator, that each project has a monitoring and evaluation plan and the                                appropriate tools to track the quality of activities;

  ●      Supervises, mentors and supports the project coordinators in the implementation of projects and assists them in the management of the               projects. He or she is their line manager.

5.       Supervision and management of support departments

   ●     Support for the planning of medical, logistical and administrative activities;

   ●     Supervises, with the support of the desk's technical manager, the finance department to ensure proper management of the mission's                     financial (budget, cash flow forecast) and administrative resources;

   ●     Supervises, with the support of the desk's technical manager, the logistics department, ensuring the proper management of material                       resources (transport, communication, premises, equipment, etc.) for the mission;

   ●     Supervises, with the support of the desk's technical manager, the HR department and ensures good human resources management                         (updated organization chart, recruitment planning, conflict management...) of the mission.

6.    Security Responsible

   ●       Analysis of the evolution of the situation linked to the political and security problems of the country of intervention;

   ●       Analysis of the context and the risks involved;

   ●       Validation and update of safety rules;

   ●       Control of the transmission of the safety rules and their respect in all the collaborators on the mission;

   ●       Decision after agreement of the headquarters to evacuate a base or the mission if necessary;

   ●       Is responsible, according to the ALIMA procedure, for the management of incidents / in particular major incidents (loss of contact...);

   ●       He reports to the desk any information related to the security of his teams and any incident according to the procedures in force.

  7.       Human Resources Management

   ●       Define job profiles and performance objectives for team members;

   ●       To carry out the assessments of its team in an approach of professional course;

   ●       Facilitate training activities to develop and strengthen the skills of teams on HR and cross-functional issues;

   ●       Propose and support job changes in accordance with ALIMA policies;

   ●       Propose and anticipate secondments;

   ●       Promote staff mobility (internal and external) within the framework of current policies;

   ●       Identify the skills that team members need to acquire to master their positions and organize training to reinforce them;

   ●       Organize and facilitate team meetings.

  8.       Communication:

  ●        Initiate testimony and participate in advocacy if necessary;

  ●        Participation in donor and public education;

  ●        Participation in the external communication of the association of the country of intervention.

  9.       Development of computer tools

  ●        Push the use of the drive in information sharing and archiving;

  ●        Provide ALIMA employees with the means to train in the use of these tools.

10.   Implementation of prevention measures against abuse of power, gender-based and sexual violence:

 ●        Make the diagnosis and develop an action plan that will be revised regularly;

 ●        Organize, with the support of the head office referent, and participate in training and awareness sessions;

 ●        Ensure that team members, partners (including Ministry of Health staff), and community members attend trainings and awareness                          sessions and apply abuse prevention standards;

 ●        Participation in incident management;

 ●        To help create and maintain a nurturing and protective environment.


Experiences / Training of the candidate

        At least 5 years of experience in a position requiring a high                      degree of     versatility in a humanitarian setting is essential;

        Very strong ability to network and conduct active pro-active                   lobbying.

        Experience in a "tense" security environment required;

        Experience in team management, project management,                          implementation of intervention strategies and security                            management  is essential;

        Good knowledge of humanitarian operations;

        Knowledge in a technical humanitarian field

        Understanding of key administrative and financial tasks;

        Knowledge of EU, UN, etc. donor procedures;

        Essential writing skills;

Qualities of the candidate

        Analytical and synthesis skills;

        Ability to organize, adapt and lead a team;

        Diplomacy and negotiation skills;

        Coolness, patience and professional maturity.

Languages spoken by the candidate

        A good command of oral and written English is essential;

        French is an asset;

        Arabic is an asset


Contract term:
    Contract term: contract under French law, contract length : 12               months (renewable, based on   funding availability and                             performance)

    Position to be filled:  autumn 2021

Salary:  depending on experience + per diem

ALIMA pays for:

●     travel costs between the expatriate’s country of origin and the                mission location

●     accommodation costs

●     medical cover from the first day of the contract to a month after            the date of departure from the mission country for the employee

●     evacuation of the employee 

                                                                                                                  HOW TO APPLY

                                                   To apply, please send your CV and your answers to our job page before 10th of October 2021

                        Applications are processed in the order of arrival and we reserve the right to close the offer before the term initially indicated if                             a  good application is successful. Only full applications will be taken into account. Only accepted applications will be contacted.

                                                                                  Female candidates are strongly encouraged to apply.