Project Coordinator - Monguno Nigeria - M/F


JOB LOCATION: Monguno, Nigeria


Reports to : The Head of Mission


The Project Coordinator is responsible for ALIMA operational response in the Project. In close collaboration with the mission coordination team, define and plan the Project objectives and priorities, identifying population’s health and humanitarian needs, analysing the context and the humanitarian issues at stake, the risks and constraints and calculating human and financial needs. Coordinate, in close collaboration with the Head of Mission, its implementation in order to efficiently ensure the goals as well as to improve targeted population’s health conditions and humanitarian situation.


      Supervise the political and humanitarian situation in the project’s area in order to ensure that ALIMA's charter, policies and image are respected with regards to national employees, populations, authorities and partners

      Together with the project team, evaluate needs by identifying the population’s health status, by analysing the context (environment, actors involved, negotiations for access etc.) and associated risks and constraints in order to define priorities and projects goals and to calculate material, human and financial resources needed

      Together with the project team and the Head of Mission monitor the security situation in the area of intervention, propose security guidelines and guarantee their implementation in order to ensure the security if the project team.

      Propose and carry out exploratory missions, according to Head of Mission’s indications, in order to better comprehend context, priorities, constraints and population needs

      Ensure a data collection and epidemiological surveillance system, in agreement with the Medical Coordinator, in order to define medical and technical programs and preventive protocols for the targeted population

      Steer and supervise the implementation, monitoring and evaluation of the project in collaboration with the project team and according to the internal and donor indicators in order to evaluate the level of achievement of the project objectives.

      Provide reporting to the coordination team on project’s evolution and propose corrections if needed

      Elaborate the Project’s institutional memory, keeping written records (and file them) on its development, in order to broadcast ALIMA achievements and improve awareness

      In coordination with the Administration Manager and Activity Managers, plan and organise the organizational charts, plan and distribute tasks and workload among the teams, guiding their understanding of the issues linked to the Project and the Mission through regular working meetings and feedback, in order to ensure an efficient deployment of the resources and the achievement of the expected goals

      Inform the field team on the instructions given by the mission coordination promoting fluent, smooth written and oral communication and information flow and ensuring confidentiality and full compliance with security rules and medical ethics

      Supervise full implementation of safety and health protocols, reporting the Medical Coordination on risky behaviours, in order to ensure safe working conditions for the project staff

      Be responsible of the proper application of HR policies and associated processes (recruitment, training, briefing/debriefing, evaluation, potential, detection, staff’s development and internal communication) in order to ensure both the sizing and the amount of knowledge required for the activities he/she is accountable for

      In coordination with the Administration Manager and Activity Managers, identify training needs, provide individual follow up and coaching, carry out end of mission evaluation of the team members and lead internal communication initiatives in order to facilitate people’s integration and professional development and to maximize their capabilities and commitment to ALIMA values and project’s goals.

      Supervise the project material resources put at ALIMA’s disposition in order to ensure a correct use and its longevity.

      Supervise all orders (medical and logistical) and the Project’s purchases as well as the financial indicators, with the support of the coordination, in order ensure efficiency and early detect deviations and its causes.


      University degree or paramedical diploma/degree desirable.

      Previous experience in humanitarian aid

      Experiences with international medical NGOs & experience in project management desirable.

      Experience in security management highly desirable.

      English Speaking, reading and writing, mandatory. French is an asset.

      Essential computer literacy (word, excel & internet).

      Negotiation skills

      Strong interpersonal skills



Contract: contract under French law; contract length: 6 months, renewable.

Starting Date: ASAP

Salary: depending on experience + per diem


  • ·       Travel costs between the employee’s country of origin and Nigeria

  • ·    Five weeks annual leave per year as well as a recovery system for days spent on work travels; 

  •       Medical cover insurance including repatriation insurance for the employee and her/ his dependents, as per the definition of our insurer.


To apply, please send your CV and your answers to the following questions (which stands for a classical cover letter) on our job page before 06/03/2020. 


The answer to the following questions :

·       What do you know about Alima and why do you want to join our team in the field ?

·       What is your main achievement as a Project Coordinator in an Emergency Response context ?

·       In your opinion, what are the 3 main skills of a good Project Coordinator in a project like Monguno ?

·       On a scale to 1 to 10, what is your level spoken and written in English, French, Haussa?

·       What is your availability to begin to work?


Applications are processed in the order of arrival and we reserve the right to close the offer before the term initially indicated if a good application is successful. Only full applications (CV pdf + answer to questions) will be taken into account. Only accepted applications will be contacted. Female candidates are strongly encouraged to apply.